Children LEGO Robotics


Experts explain why LEGOŽ Robotics is needed for your children - Give your child the edge over their peers - The perfect place for your child to explore new knowledge and preparing them for the future! :)
Participants will go through the following:

Level 1 :

Learning on Construction of 10 different projects including the utilisation of Gear Systems, such as Top Spinners, Stand Fans, Drawbridge and others.

Robotics Programming, projects from 1 to 2 motor blocks in each project.

Understanding LEGO Parts Names and Functions and relations it to real life, i.e.. Axels, pegs, beams etc.

Level 1 Assessment (Certificate, of Excellence for High Scorers) and Competition (Certificate of Accomplishment for Winners)

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EDU360 Academy Kota Damansara, Kelana Jaya, Brickfields

Post On:2017-04-04