Children LEGO Robotics

May & June LEGO® ROBOTICS Holiday Program

Coolest holiday program using LEGO Robotics!! Have Fun building Robots and you program and control the robots! :)
Holiday program participants will go through the following:

1) S.T.E.M-C Learning ;)
— Science: Kids exposed to predicting and analysing data collected through experiments
— Technology: Kids exposed to Information Technology and Electronics i.e. Servo Motors and Sensors
— Engineering: Kids learn about building structures, weight, balance and strength and LEGO Parts functions
— Math: Introduced to Numbers, calculations of Rotations, Seconds and Degrees (Basic)
— Coding: Students learn on basics of Programming via simplified G.U.I. :)

2) Soft Skills ;)
— Hand-eye coordination: Focus on parts fixing and assembly perfectly
— Fine and Gross Motor Skills
— Communication: Freely express thoughts and ideas
— Collaboration: Make new friends and work together :)
- And many other benefits for your child!
*** Students enjoy the special privilege of One-Student One-Set of Mindstorms® policy in our Holiday program!

*** You will be guaranteed with students progress via Student Assessments and Competition amongst students! :D Venue: EDU360 Kelana Jaya @ Zenith Corporate Park

Post On:2017-04-18