Children LEGO Robotics

Robotics Course

Course Overview

Explore the world of LEGO Robotics.

In Level 1, students are introduced to the LEGO components and construction that is necessary to build their inventions. Inventions from Top Spinners to Catapults are themed to captivated students as well as teach them about these machines.

We will stimulate your children's natural curiosity to explore together and learn through play. The safe, durable LEGO Education solutions develop your childrens from where they are and give them the social skills to collaborate and communicate with the world around them; letting them discover their own capabilities and acquiring fundamental skills for school readiness and for life.


Introduction to LEGO Mindstorms Software with learning basic programming such as the function of Action Blocks that control motors and Flow Control constraints that be can used in programming in a simple and fun Graphical Based coding.


In this course, we will be using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 to conduct the class.

There will be a total of 12 classes in this term, which will include
- 1 x Level 1 Assesment and
- 1 x In Class Robotics Competition.

Certificates will be given to high scorers and competition achievers.

Students will be provided One Set per student (Individual) LEGO Mindstorms Set at no additional cost for in class use.

Real-Life Application

Students will learn the different types of gears used as well as calculating gear ratios while also learning about rotations and angles which is at the very core of mathematics and engineering.

The Robotics sets we use


Age Requirement:

For all Primary and Lower Secondary students

Robotics Class Duration

12 Weeks excluding major public holidays.

Robotics Course Fee

Members: RM500.00/term
Non-members: RM 600/term