Children LEGO Robotics

Robotics Course

Course Overview

Level 4: Advanced Programming

Students are introduced to the higher level of programming which requires the use of data operations. Most of the projects done are individually mission based requiring the student to fulfill multiple objectives within given the constraints.


Students will learn the use of data operations which is an essential part in any programming. They will learn how to determine and create variables in their projects while also programming logic for the robot to make decisions based on it.


In this course, we will be using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 to conduct the class.

There will be a total of 12 classes in this term, which will include
- 1 x Level 1 Assesment and
- 1 x In Class Robotics Competition.

Certificates will be given to high scorers and competition achievers.

Students will be provided One Set per student (Individual) LEGO Mindstorms Set at no additional cost for in class use.

Real-Life Application

Students will understand and appreciate the function of variables and logic that computers are programmed with. The missions will push the students to the limit as they are assessed based on mission completion within deadlines.

The Robotics sets we use


Age Requirement:

For all Primary and Lower Secondary students

Robotics Class Duration

12 Weeks excluding major public holidays.

Robotics Course Fee

Members: RM600.00/term
Non-members: RM 700/term