Children LEGO Robotics

Robotics Course


Our robotics program is an extraordinary opportunity for students to acquire hands-on, real world, science, technology and engineering experience which is engaging and exciting. The program exposes students to the mechanics and dynamics of engineering as well as computer programming skills to develop creative and innovative thinking. Our program also aids the development of social skills such as teamwork and communication in a fun environment. Our robotics program is carefully hand-crafted to cater for the needs and understanding of today's children. It's uniqueness enables students to acquire hands-on, real world science and technology, engineering and mathematics skills. Your child will be exposed to computer programming skills and will be inspired to be more creative and innovative.

Our robotics program offers students a project-based choice for discovering concepts in a classroom environment. Guidelines are provided to assist students in project building and to facilitate them in learning the following:

  • Controlling a robot's movement by using various programming blocks
  • Understanding and utilizing the concepts & applications of sensors
  • Using robotics as a tool to relate students to real life conceptual ideas and everyday equipment that surround them.
  • Watch their imagination become reality as they build their own amazing robots and experience hands-on experiential learning (H.O.E.L) in the process.